Daily News Brief: Creative Class Action Lawsuit


Creative Class Action Lawsuit

No, you can't be compensated for any driver woes or ongoing trauma resulting from the Daniel_K situation , but you may be entitled to a 50 percent discount on a new 1GB MP3 player. The suit alleges that Creative marketed its MP3 players as having 7 percent more storage capacity than it actually had. Head over to CreativeHDDMP3Settlement.com for more information.

Ebay vs Craigslist: FIGHT!

Last week Ebay released a statement denouncing Craigslist executives for taking actions that, according to the auction site, " unfairly diluted Ebay's economic interest by more than 10 percent. " The complaint was filed in a Delaware court where the case remained sealed, until today . According to the complaint, Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster (Craigslist founder and CEO) allegedly crafted a plan to dilute and disenfranchise Ebay. Buckmaster responds here .

Electronic Circuits Getting Smarter

Researchers at Hewlett-Packard have discovered a circuit element - called a memristor - that they hope will ultimately lead to memory chips that store more data while consuming less power, potentially opening the door to tasks such as instant-on PCs and laptops that retain your session after the battery dies. Chips incorporating HP's discovery could challenge the flash memory market by not only sucking up less power, but also by being faster and taking up less space. More on this interesting discovery here .

Stop! Don't Throw Away that Old Electronic Gadget!

In the eyes of urban miners , tossing an old cell phone into the garbage is as good as throwing money away. Embedded into electronics are gold, silver, copper, iridium, and other metals that could bring in big bucks as metal prices continue to skyrocket. How lucrative is it? According to a study by recycling firm Yokohama Metal Co Ltd., a ton of ore from a gold mine produces just 5 grams of gold on average, compared to 150 grams in a ton of discarded mobile phones. Much more here .

Move Over Asus, Eee PC

And make room for MSI's Wind series notebook . MSI announced the new series as a contender in the low-cost PC market. The Wind will sport either a 8.9- or 10-inch 1024x600 display with LED backlight technology, 80GB 2.5-inch hard drive, and weigh 1kg. Linux lovers are out of luck, as no plans to offer the open source OS have been announced, and instead it will ship with Windows XP.

Samsung in Spirit of the Season

Apparently spring fever is in full swing over at Samsung, as evidenced by their T10's black and purple floral decorating scheme. Take a peek...

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