Daily News Brief: Confidential AM3 Reference Design Leaked


AM3 Reference Design

An AM3 reference design pic has surfaced on the web , diagramming future AMD motherboards. The leaked pic indicates DDRIII banks connected directly to the CPU socket, and also making a direct connection is the RS780 chipset. Other goodies and details abound, assuming the reference design turns out to be legit, and AMD manages to impress enthusiasts when Phenom finally debuts.

Microsoft Targets Families

Most gamers associate the Nintendo Wii as the family friendly living room console, but Microsoft would like to sway that perception to their own XBox 360. Coming soon to an XBox near you will be a new feature called the Family Timer , allowing parents to set daily or weekly limits on playing time. Both the Wii and PS3 also feature similar functionality in manual form; to activate it, parents simply pull the plug when their kids have played enough.

Firmware Update Protects PS3

In other console news, Sony rolled out a firmware 2.00 update for the Playstation 3, with Trend Micro piggy backing for the ride. Free for the time being, Trend Micro checks any websites a gamer tries to visit and looks for a match against their own database of malicious sites. The service also uses a reputation system, which looks at the host, owner, and other characteristics to determine if a site may be harmful.

Vonage Seeking Settlement with AT&T

Vonage has been through the wringer with various patent infringement suits, with AT&T the last one to jump aboard the legal train. But the nightmare could soon be over for Vonage , who's currently in talks with AT&T over settlement details. The news sent Vonage's stock up 23 percent in premarket trading. Vonage hopes to settle with AT&T for $39 million, a comparative bargain to other suits. Vonage previously settled with Sprint/Nextel for $80 million, and Verizon for between $80 and $120 million.

Red Hat Fedora: Foundation for All?

Red Hat rolled out Fedora 8 today , and the new Linux update brings with it the ability to strip out the Fedora identity . Red Hat wants developers to build their own Linux products with a Fedora foundation, and sway their attention away from Novell's OpenSuse and Canonical's Ubuntu. Fedora based variations that will be available include one for gaming, one for programmers, and one for designing processors. Other features round out the Fedora 8 update, including better printer recognition, better power management, and more.

Energizer Rechargeable D Batteries Deceiving

At four times the price of AA batteries, one would expect Energizer's rechargeable D batteries to offer more juice, but that may not be the case. Noticing the stated capacity matched that of AA batteries, one consumer took apart the D unit , and to his surprise, found a smaller battery inside similar to AAs surrounded with empty airspace. NewsTarget has the photo tour and commentary.

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