Daily News Brief: Cisco in Hot Water!


Cisco Offices Raided

Accused of tax fraud on a massive scale, Cisco found their Brazillian offices raided earlier today. With 93 search warrants in hand, over 650 police and tax agents stormed the offices, arresting 40 individuals and seizing nearly $10 million in equipment as part of the two year long investigation. Cisco has operated out of Brazil since 1994, with a largely unblemished record in international business dealings up to this point.

Intel Posts Record Revenue

Intel has got to feel on top of the world these days. Not only have they stolen back the performance crown with the Core 2 architecture and have a bright looking future in Nehalem , but they're breaking revenue records too . Intel today released a press release boasting a record third-quarter, with year-over-year revenue up 15 percent, and operating revenue income at $2.2 billion, representing a whopping 64 percent hike. Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini forcasts a similarily impressive fourth quarter.

AMD Readies DX10 Core Logic

The fiscal outlook isn't as rosy over at AMD, but they haven't been sitting idle either . Come January ( after the holiday shopping season), expect to see DirectX 10 compliant graphics cores in AMD's new chipset families: AMD 740G and AMD 780G. In addition to DX10 compliance, the 780G will feature HyperTransport 3.0, PCI-E 2.0, and Hybrid CrossFire technology designed to reduce power consumption when running dual high-end GPUs.

Robot Anatomy 101: Roomba iRobot

Ever wanted to dissect a Roomba but thought better of it for fear of turning the pricey vacuum into a $300 doorstop? Well get ready to mark this one off your to-do list, as TechRepublic did the dirty work for you , with pictures posted on CNET. Robots with weak stomachs need not apply.

Apple Cuts DRM-Free Pricing

Apple today cut the price of DRM-free songs from $1.29 to $.99 per track. Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerrie insists the price cuts have nothing to do with the competion, a claim we find hard to believe. Amazon.com opened their online music store last month, with DRM-free tracks selling for $.89 to $.99 per track. Apple is the third-largest music retailer in the US, with a 10 percent market share as of last June, trailing behind Wal-Mart and BestBuy.

Americans Prefer Burritos to Sex?

Very doubtful, but according to statistics provided by Google, keyword searches for ' sex' are most prevalent in Egypt, India, and Turkey. By contrast, surfers in the United States, Argentina, and Canada (in that order) look up the word 'burrito' more often than any other countries. If you find this even mildly interesting, have a gander at what other keywords are originating most often from where .

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