Daily News Brief: Canon's Digital Rebel XSi Two Weeks Away


Canon Digital Rebel XSi Coming Soon

Did this month's issue of Maximum PC convince you to trade in your point-n-shoot for a DSLR? If so, you may be eyeing up Canon's Digital Rebel XSi, the successor to their highly popular entry level XTi. Eager photo buffs have been anticipating a debut this month, but specific release dates have been sketchy. Until now. According to Amazon , you can expect the XSi to march across store shelves on April 27, just over two weeks from now. Expect to pay around $900 dollars for the camera with lens kit, or around $800 for just the body.

Amazon Joins HD-DVD Support Group

If you purchased an HD-DVD player from Amazon.com prior to February 23, 2008, don't dismiss any emails they send in the coming days. Early adopters are eligible for a $50 credit , " up to 10 units for a maximum credit of $500.00 ." The email will contain a promotional code to apply the credit when ordering. Amazon joins both Circuit City and Best Buy in taking pity on HD-DVD owners with similar exchange- for-credit and trade-in options. Wal-Mart , we're waiting on you...

Yahoo's Other Suitor

Steve Ballmer is doing his best to coerce Yahoo into selling its shares or risk having its board of directors ousted, but Yahoo appears to be anything but intimidated. Rather than bow to Ballmer, The Wall Street Journal reports the search company " and Time Warner Inc.'s AOL are closing in on a deal to combine their Internet operations ." The deal would reportedly include the repurchase of some Yahoo shares at a price above Microsoft's offer, which could be seen as a way to negotiate a higher price with the rowdy Redmond company. More here , including a possible joint deal involving Microsoft and News Corp.

Japan Develops Pills for Gamers

When you sit in front of a monitor playing videogames for so long that your brain suffers fatigue and your eyes become sore, its safe to assume you need a break. But for those that just can't tear themselves away from leveling up one more time, Kyowa-Yakuhin has produced two different supplements under the " Game Suppli " brand. Blueberry flavored tablets are meant to be good for the eyes, and transparent capsules supposedly enhance concentration. We hear the 'off' button and a few hours sleep will accomplish the same thing...

USB Keys Shipped with Malware

In February, MPC's Windows blogger Mark Soper warned of digital picture frames contaminated with malware, and now we're finding out some USB keys also contain worms . HP's Software Security Response Team issued a warning to AusCERT earlier this week alerting them that some 256MB (part # 442084-B21 HP) and 1GB (part # 442085-B21) thumb drives for numerous Proliant server models " could cause a local 'W32.Fakerecy' or 'W32.SillyFDC' virus infection ." HP says the dirty keys have only affected a small number of customers.

PsP Firmware Update

Sony has released a new firmware update for the handheld PSP system. Version 3.95 includes two enhancements:

  • You can now customize how buttons are assigned when playing PSone games.
  • Quitting Remote Play will no longer automatically turn off your PS3, giving you the ability to continue downloading content after quitting Remote Play.

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