Daily News Brief: Australia Declares 'Game Over' for Soldier of Fortune


Soldier of Fortune: Payback Banned

Activision's upcoming Soldier of Fortune: Payback has been rejected by Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification , meaning it's been banned. An OFLC spokeswoman cited various examples of blood splattering gore that ultimately led to the ban. Soldier of Fortune joins a growing list of titles to receive OFLC's cold shoulder, including Blitz: The League, Reservoir Dogs, BMX XXX, Manhunt, GTA III, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, both Postal games, and more. Cheesy movies with questionable acting, like both Crocodile Dundee movies, are still okay...

Fighter Jet Makes a Good Listener

At least that's the hope, as the F-35 Lightning II will feature voice recognition capabilities. Developed by SRI International, the DynaSpeak speech recognition software is expected to carry an error rate of less than 2 percent. Pilots won't be able to tell the fighter jet to bank a hard right, but they will be able to concentrate more on flying and leaving mundane tasks to voice commands, like controlling radio volume and adjusting the climate controls. If the eventual evaluation proves successful, the F-22 Raptor could be the next jet to be retrofitted.

Michigan's Bright Idea

DIY enthusiasts have been riding the LED revolution for years, and now these bright lights will shine on a new audience: Michigan drivers. Ann Arbor, located 30 miles west of Detroit, will become the first city to implement LEDs into all downtown street lights , potentially saving the community $100,000 a year. Instead of replacing street lamps every two years, the LEDs are expected to last five times as long. As an added bonus, the new lights will reduce carbon dioxide and other global warming gases equivalent to taking 400 cars off the road.

Quick PS3 Update

Early last week we reported Sony would begin selling a 40GB Playstation 3 console in Europe at a discounted price, but no word was given on when, or if, the somewhat neutered model would be available in the US (the new version loses backwards compatibility with PS2 titles). Jack Tretton, president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, ended any doubts today, saying the new model will go on sale November 2 and carry a $400 price tag.

Jon Stewart Fans Rejoice!

Fans of the Comedy Central's fake news show will be elated
to learn that as of noon today, The Daily Show has been granted its own website , complete with an archive of videos for the past nine years. Uninterrupted episodes will not be available, though visitors do get access to 16,000 videos in all, with an even bigger back catalogue expected by early 2008. One clip not making an appearance on the new site, but is a must watch nonetheless, is Jon Stewart's verbal assault on his Crossfire appearance .

Intel Bids Farewell to Single Core

Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated into the multi-core world. And just to make sure, Intel plans to phase out single-core desktop chips starting in first quarter 2008. Taking up the entry-level shelf space will be the dual-core Celeron E1000 series, with the 45nm E4000 series to follow shortly afterwards. Starting with the E1200, budget builders will be able to own a 1.6GHz dual-core processor for whatever the going markup rate is for $53 chips in thousand-unit quantities.

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