Daily News Brief: Are Mac Users Snobby?


Are Mac Owners Snobs?

Call it what you will, but in a cheeky video citing unidentified survey results, The Street.com points out several traits associated with Mac users, calling them " self centered, arrogant, or conceited ." The video claims Mac users are more likely to use teeth whitening products, purchase five pairs of shoes each year, regularly buy organic food, visit Starbucks more frequently, and drive a hybrid car. See the full video here , then send the link to all your snooty Mac buddies. Of course, we'd be remiss not to point out Will Ferrell's compelling argument in favor of Macs.

Alienware Android Phone

This year's 3GSM conference has come and gone, and so too have rumors indicating Dell might be readying a mobile phone using Google's Android platform. But that hasn't stopped UK site Dial-a-Phone from releasing humorous mockups of what a Dell inspired Alienware Android phone might look like. Have a gander (and a chuckle) for yourself here .

Till Warcraft Do Us Part

World of Warcraft has taken the MMORPG genre to new heights, and is the only MMO to boast over 10 million subscribers . Not among them is Jocelyn, a California resident and former Blizzard Entertainment employee. The 28-year-old divorced her husband of six years, citing her husband's addiction to WoW as the motivating factor. But the real mind blowing news here is - oops! We're late for a raid!

Dell to Offer Tri-Core

Looks like Dell isn't dropping AMD , after all. On the contrary, it appears the big OEM is gearing up to offer tri-core Phenom machines for businesses, perhaps as early as tomorrow, with consumer systems scheduled during the back-to-school season, according to TG Daily .

Toshiba Keeps Mum

Several reports surfaced over the weekend claiming Toshiba plans to abandon the HD-DVD business, but an official announcement has not yet been made. Instead, Toshiba offered a brief statement simply stating " The media reported that Toshiba will discontinue its HD DVD business. Toshiba has not made any announcement concerning this. Although Toshiba is currently assessing its business strategies, no decision has been made at this moment. " So why the delay of what appears to be the inevitable? ABCNews takes an interesting perspective here , as does ArsTechnica here .

Intel Replaces Fab

According to Globe s , Intel has reached agreements with the Knesset Finance Subcommittee, the Israel Tax Authority, and the Investment Promotion Center to stay in Jerusalem. Intel will close Fab 8, and in its place build an updated Fab with current technology. Staying in Israel makes good financial sense for Intel, who in addition to $525 million in grants from the Investment Promotion Center, will also receive $150 million in tax breaks over ten years.

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