Daily News Brief: 9800GX2 Really Cooks!


The Heat is On (Your GPU)

Forget about breakfast in bed, and order up a fried egg from your PC instead. A recent YouTube submission purports to show an egg being fried on top of a 9800GX2 videocard. The uploader claims the meal took about 15 minutes with the fan speed turned down 10 percent. Whether you file this under frighteningly funny or farce, we'll offer up a recommendation to not try this at home.

Amazon Rekindles Kindle

Amazon announced the Simon & Schuster Inc. book publisher will release more than 5,000 additional titles for the Kindle, giving owners of the eBook reader more than 125,000 total titles for download. Amazon also dropped the retail price of the device from $399 down to $359, and just last month announced it received a new supply of the hot selling Kindles. More here .

Data Center Explosion

An exploding transformer and ensuing electrical fire knocked out roughly 9,000 servers over the weekend in a data center owned and operated by ThePlanet.com . Three walls surrounding the room were destroyed, but no one was hurt during the incident and no servers were damaged .

Sharper Image Closing Down

After filing for Chapter 11 in February and vowing to develop a reorganization plan, novelty gadget retailer Sharper Image is throwing in the towel and plans to close all of its remaining stores, its new owners announced on Sunday. Joint owners The Hilco Organization and Gordon Brothers Group expects to sell $50 million in inventory as the remaining 86 stores close down .

World of Warcraft Like You've Never Seen it Before. Or Have You?

Developers Aoedipus and Skyhamma have released WTF?! , a Flash-based sidescroller parody of World of Warcraft . Despite the sidescrolling nature, the gameplay will feel similar to anyone who's ever spent some time with WoW , but the real gem is in the story. See for yourself here .

Acrobat Turns 9

Adobe on Monday introduced Adobe Acrobat 9. The new version integrates Flash, allowing users to include Flash Player-compatible video and application files in PDF documents. Also new to Acrobat 9 is the ability to unify content into a single document, such as putting documents, videos, and 3D objects into a compressed PDF file. Read more here .

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