Daily News Brief: 680i Rejects Penryn?


680i Future-Proof?

The Inquirer reports that the 680i chipset lacks support for all 45nm processors, otherwise known as Penryn. A moderator on EVGA's forums states that a BIOS update will bring support for dual-core 45nm chips (Wolfdale), but those wanting a quad-core part (Yorkfield) will have to wait for the upcoming nForce 700 series. Do'h!

Asus Accused of Violating GPL

Asus recently released their Eee PC, an affordable $400 notebook, and initial sales figures showed strong demand, with one Taiwan TV shopping outlet selling a unit ever six seconds for the first 20 minutes. But the Eee PC has come under fire of late for potential violations of the GPL (General Public License). The dispute deals with a modified Linux kernel and Asus' failure to publish the modified source. Adding more flames to the fire, Asus could also be in violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act over their decision to cover the SODIMM's access door with the warranty sticker that's forbidden to be tampered with.

Guitar Hero's Success Now Official

You'll know you've really hit it big time when the lawsuits start coming, as is the case with the immensely popular Guitar Hero. Seeking unspecified damages, 80's rock band The Romantics filed a suit against Activision Inc . claiming Guitar Hero features a sound-alike version of their 1980 hit " What I Like About You ". They're also seeking an injunction that would pull Guitar Hero from store shelves. Bah humbug!

Virtual Navigation Coming to Second Life

Tired of fumbling with keyboard controls and being called a noob by Second Life Netizens? Japan feels your pain , and they're working on new technology that would allow you to navigate the virtual landscape by using your own body, or better yet, your brain waves! The system works by attaching electrodes to the gamer's scalp, which then senses activity in the brain's sensory-motor cortex, leaving software to translate the signals. But don't go throwing out your keyboard just yet; the developers said they have no immediate plans of commercializing the technology.

Data Loss Leads to Apology

After losing two computer discs containing personal data of 25 million people, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown issued an apology. The sensitive data included names, addresses, national insurance numbers, and even bank account details. The loss occured when a junior Revenue and Customs official downloaded the data to two password protected discs and then sent them via internal mail, but the package never arrived, nor was it registered or recorded. Oops!

iPod Lawsuit Nets $10 Million

Entrenched in a patent lawsuit with Burst.com, Apple this week settled the case for $10 million , ending two years of litigation. In exchange, Apple will have access to some of Burst's patents, and Burst has agreed not to sue Apple over current or pending DVR patents. The dispute arose over patent infringement involving compressed audio and video files in iTunes, iLife, QuickTime, and the iPod. Aye caramba!

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