D-Link Announces New Routers of All Shapes and Sizes

Ryan Whitwam

The market for routers is pretty well established at this point, but that isn’t stopping companies from trying to build in new features to get you to upgrade. D-Link’s newly announced routers are looking to connect you in a variety of ways, and at a variety of price points. The company is offering up a low-cost cloud router, a pricey media-enabled option, and more networking goodies.

The DIR-605L is being billed as the first sub-$50 802.11n router with cloud services built-in. The mydlink service will allow users to share content, and manage their network remotely with mobile apps on Android and iOS. A bit more up-market from this device is the newest router in the Amplifi series, the HD Media Router 3000. This little beauty has all the bells and whistles including 802.11n (up to 900Mbps), powerline networking, bandwidth monitoring, and cloud-based sharing through SharePort.

One less noticed addition to D-Link’s line up is the confusingly named All-in-One Mobile Companion. The Mobile Companion is essentially a travel router with some useful extras like mobile device charging, mass storage via USB, and Wi-Fi protected setup. D-Link also showed off a new networked webcam we’re sure they would like you to pair with some of these devices. Keep an eye out for these products in the coming months.

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