CyberPowerPC Releases Mega Miner PC Series for Mining Cryptocurrencies



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Consider this your notice in advance. Scrypt coins, like SHA256 before them, will be dominated by ASICs very soon. If you already have GPU miners set up, have a look at Ultracoin. It is being proclaimed as one of the most power efficient, quickest transacting coins ever developed. It is ASIC resistant and most global transactions are confirmed in sub 30 seconds, which is a massive improvement over other alts, especially considering E-Commerce and movement of capital.



Mining isn't really the most profitable these days. They should have been selling these in January.



Or you could get a job...



Good luck with that.



I know that the values of cryptocurranies fluctuate quite a bit, but realistically, how long would it take to get a positive return on investment from one of these machine?
I think it would take quite a while. Could someone who understands more than I do about the system in which miners are rewarded shed some light on this?



As with the real gold rush, the most money wasn't made by the miners, but by those who mined the miners...

Let's just say for sake of discussion you get the rig with 3x Radeon 290 cards in it...

And let's just give a generous assumption of 1,000kh/s (1Mh/s) per card, for a total of 3,000kh/s (3mh/s) to make discussion simple.

Never mind the cost to operate, at some 300w -PER CARD-, the generous margin of profit, if you perpetually hop from the most popular script currency of the moment to the next and sell at their peak, is about $15 a day... With a far more likely $8-9 a day mining something a hair more "reliable" like Litecoin specifically for the purpose of resale.

So at about $2600 for the rig, you're talking something like $288 days just to break even, presuming that difficulty never rises, which now that Script ASICs are out, is going to skyrocket just like with SHA256 based coins.

Thus actually profoundly diminishing the relative power and profitability of such machines to near irrelevance in comparison to one like the GRIDSEED which can also come in a 3Mh/s flavor, costing about $2500 however it only uses 120W total... Basically coming in at about a tenth of the power usage, and very arguably MORE hashing muscle for a bit less price.

Now granted, it's a one-trick-pony, it can hash Scrypt and that's all she wrote, but that's also what the purpose of the rigs in the article are about too so, in that light it's hard to make the sale.

More over, the GRIDSEED is a "gen 1 ASIC" for Scrypt being that it's the first of its type and a relatively large die size of 55nm, as die sizes shrink the comparative hashing capabilities will rapidly multiply to the point of pushing GPU's into obsolescence for hashing at all just like the SHA256 asics did to GPU's before Scrypt became as interesting.

The money isn't in the mining of coins, but in the selling of them...



Scrypt ASICs that are comparable to the GPU finally appeared? I missed that.



Meh, my money's on Dogecoin. :3

On a side note I found . Who the heck values this thing?


Arthur Dent

As a fan of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I actually want to try mining this.