CyberPowerPC Jumpstarts Zeus Mini SFF Series with Eight Pre-Built Configurations



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I really like that case! I wish I could just order the case...



The problem with this is that it is 17 inches long, so the only benefit is its narrow. Its an option for some, but with the crazy alienware lights and lots of plastic, ugly dvd drive I think it is a miss. For the extra money I would go for the upcoming Digital Bolt 2. Most likely that will be pretty pricey and my backup plan is the SG07. Still a great looking case, can carry on an airplane, will fit in a large carry on rolling suitcase. Can fit a 780ti in there, only one 180mm fan needed for cooling. Silverstone really still has super competitive models in the sff range despite being several years old now. Time for a desktop. My dual sli Alienware laptop with two 580m cards cant even run war of the vikings on my 2500x 1400 30 inch monitor unless all settings are low. ( live overseas thats why I have the laptop, soon the power I really need!)



yeah, Silverstone cases work very well in the mini-itx formfactors. Currently running a SG05, and hopefully their RVZ01/ML07 releases soon.