CyberPowerPC Unveils Power Mega III Graphics Workstation Series

Paul Lilly

Workstation performance in a sexy chassis

Boutique builder CyberPowerPC today announced its Power Mega III Series, a family of Intel 4th generation Haswell or Xeon-based professional workstation PCs with Nvidia Quadro K Series or AMD FirePro graphics. The choices don't end there. CyberPowerPC is serving up its Power Mega III line in half a dozen starting configurations, each of which can be custom configured.

Those who need a ton of processing power can opt for single- or dual-configuration Xeon setups. According to CyberPowerPC, the Power Mega III Series is easily adept at tackling professional applications and tasks like 3D rendering/modeling, sciences and medical imaging, engineering and earth sciences, matte painting, compositing, and CAD/CAM.

Pricing starts at $1,099, though that gets you a pedestrian version of the new workstation. It includes a Thermaltake Urban S21 mid-tower case (not pictured above), Intel Core i7 4770K processor, Gigabyte Z87-HD3 motherboard, 8GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, Nvidia Quadro K600 graphics card, 1TB hard drive, 24X DVD burner, 500W PSU, and Windows 8 Professional 64-bit.

If you have more coin to spend, a top-end configuration starts at around $4,269 and includes an NZXT H630 chassis (pictured), a pair of Intel Xeon E5-2630 six-core processors, Asus Z9PE-D8 WS motherboard, 32GB of DDR3-1333 ECC RAM, Nvidia Quadro K4000 graphics card, 128GB solid state drive, 3TB hard drive, 14X Blu-ray burner, 750W PSU, and Windows 8 Professional 64-bit.

The Power Mega III Series is available now .

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