CyberPower Zeus M2 Review



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Let's face it, ultrabooks aren't selling because they suffer from being forced to run windohs h8te, and for being over-priced in a market where a machine just as capable runs half the price so long as it hasn't been forced to conform to intel's ideas on how to chase apple.

""The body is not super rigid, exhibiting flex in the base when the notebook is held by one corner, and some mushiness under the keyboard. But the build doesn’t seem flimsy[..]""
So, what you're saying is... it's flimsy, except when it's not? Look, it's either flimsy and bends, or it doesn't. And considering the keyboard is how we interact with these things, a mushy and flexing keyboard is inexcusable at any price point about the $350 mark.

and as to the specs... 16 gigs of ram? unless you're running like 3 virtual machines on the comparatively small SSD or using it as a web server, anything more than the 2-4 needed to run windohs is a waste of money that could have been spent on an extra strip of magnesium under the keyboard.

I guess what I'm saying is color me unimpressed.



No, Ultrabooks are not selling because they are "being forced to run Windows 8". Ultrabooks came out long before Win 8 did and they did not sell when running Windows 7 either, as they are overpriced laptops period. The only people that will pay $1400 for a laptop are Apple fan boys, so quit blaming MS for Ultrbooks lack of appeal. This one falls squarely on Intels, and the OEMS, shoulders.



Exactly. Ultrabooks were designed and priced to compete with Apple. It has nothing to do with Windows 8. And honestly there's really nothing wrong with Windows 8 besides the lack of need for a new operating system. I really and truly don't comprehend all the fanaticism with "hating" an operating system. I don't "love" Windows and Windows 8. I like it. I don't "hate" Linux or MaxOS or any other OS. They just do not suit my needs.



No non-Intel GPU? Ouch. 'Tis but a glorified netbook then.

I'm thinking they'd be better off building AMD APU-based "sleekbooks" or whatever they're called to get prices down then. Except for the SSD, this is more expensive and less capable than the slew of APU based "disposable" laptops that BB & TD try to get me to buy.

Complaints about the not-so-Ultra ultrabook's hardware aside, is Quake 3 really a relevant benchmark in this day & age?




They strip out hard drives, discrete video, quality speakers, and use half as much material to make the frame & case. They use half-assed processors. And then they charge more than you would pay for an average gaming notebook, because it's lighter. And trendy.

What would they really have to sacrifice to get the price down?