CyberPower Already Offering AMD Phenom II X6-based Machines

Paul Lilly

The big news today is that AMD's new Phenom II X6 processors are now shipping, and if you haven't done so already, read through Gordon's assessment of these low-priced parts right here . If you like what you see, you can head over to Newegg afterward and pick one of the chips up, or if you prefer to roll with a pre-built, CyberPower has already begun equipping its gaming rigs with the new 6-core parts.

CyberPower's Gamer Dragon CrossFire Ultimate and Gamer Ultra CrossFireX Pro are among the higher-end systems that have been upgraded with AMD's Phenom II X6 chips, but true to AMD's budget price points, you can jump on the 6-core bandwagon with a mainstream budget. Other 6-core capable rigs in CyberPower's stable include the entire Gamer Ultra and Gamer Dragon lines, with pricing starting out at just $699. Chew on that for a moment - for less than the cost of Intel's Core i7 980X, you can piece together an entire 6-core system built around AMD's Phenom II platform.

CyberPower says all of its rigs can be "easily factory overclocked," including those built around AMD's 6-core chips. The company is also offering a 5 percent discount up until tomorrow with coupon code INSTANT.

Image Credit: CyberPower

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