CyberLink Afraid it Cannot Profit from Windows 7 Release

Paul Lilly

Outside of Apple, you'd have to search far and wide to find someone not stoked about the release of Windows 7, or just take a visit to CyberLink's headquarters. The multimedia software maker pulls in most of its money from bundling PowerDVD and other apps with new PC purchases, and according to company chairman Jau Huang , Microsoft's snappy OS doesn't necessarily require consumers to replace their current systems.

Some analysts have noted that netbooks in 2010 should shoot up by 30 percent from 2009, but this too is of little consolation to CyberLink. Barring any major overhauls to existing platforms, netbooks typically are not equipped with video and audio functions necessary for CyberLink's software, Huang said.

So where does that leave CyberLink? Perhaps scrambling to make a buck in the smartphone market. Huang said there may be some business opportunities in the mobile phone market as new handsets come equipped with video and audio editing software.

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