Customizable MSI Gaming Laptops Now Available Through iBuyPower

Paul Lilly

MSI joins iBuyPower's customizable OptiBoost program

Your options for configuring a name brand gaming laptop from iBuyPower are expanding. As part of what iBuyPower is calling its Optiboost program, select notebook makers are teaming up with the boutique builder to offer customizable laptops. iBuyPower kicked off its Optiboost program last month with Gigabyte , and now MSI is joining the program with five different laptops to choose from.

"Individuality is a big part of the mobile gaming experience and MSI is confident that iBuyPower’s Optiboost program will deliver the ideal combination of customized performance and value," said Andy Tung, President of MSI Pan America. "We are making mobile gaming personal again."

Customizable MSI gaming laptops include the GP60 Leopard ($949), GP70 Leopard ($969), GT70 Dominator ($1,649), GT70 Dominator Pro ($2,099), and GE70 Apache ($1,139). These are all 17.3-inch laptops except for the GP60, which is 15.6 inches. All five sport 1920x1080 resolutions.

The upgrade options aren't quite as robust as some of iBuyPower's own systems, though you can upgrade the CPU, RAM, storage, and a few other components.

You can check it out here .

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