Customer Emails AT&T CEO, AT&T Makes Legal Threats

Ryan Whitwam

As it turns out, emailing company CEOs is getting to be quite a fad. Apple's Steve jobs has begun responding to emails directly, and that gives regular users hope that they can get some personal attention from those at the helm of companies they do business with. That is apparently not going to fly with AT&T . One customer had the audacity, the AUDACITY , to email AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson twice in two weeks. As a result, AT&T got all lawyer-ish on him.

The customer in question simply asked the company CEO to bump up his iPhone upgrade eligibility and sell him a tethering plan. The second email was to express his displeasure over AT&T's new data plans. All he got was a call back from AT&T's Executive Response Team to "thank" him and warn him that further emails would result in a cease and desist letter. Seriously?

Look, we know that AT&T isn't exactly known for really pleasing their customers, but this seems outlandish to us. If anything, this brash attitude toward customer service makes us think they've got the iPhone locked up for a while yet. This customer, however, is apparently jumping ship to Sprint for the EVO 4G.

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