Customer Account Executive Cracks on Comcast with PowerPoint Presentation


Complaints over bandwidth limits and Bittorent filtering have made it so Comcast can't catch a break in the press, so you'd think the cable giant would be eager to stop shooting itself in the foot. Instead, Comcast is once again making headlines, this time over a PowerPoint presentation created by a customer account executive and being passed around inside one of its call centers. No less than 28 slides detail the ISP's commitment to CQE (Comcast Quality Experience), most of which are tongue-in-cheek. Or at least they're supposed to be. One slide shows a Monopoly game board piece exclaiming " I can poop on customers in neighborhood associations! Some of them don't have a choice other than Comcast. Arf! Arf! " Download the original PowerPoint for even more laughs (or tears).

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