Custom Android Build Enables Installation on iPhone Hardware

Justin Kerr

Rumors had been floating around last week about a possible hack that would allow iPhones to install a custom version of Android, but without proof it was pretty much dismissed out of hand.

Well imagine our surprise when we saw the folks over at Andriodalot release a 68-step guide , along with a video walking users through how to convert a second-generation iPhone into a hardware masterpiece for the competition. It may not be easy, or even practical, but it certainly is entertaining to see Apple's flagship phone rocking Google's Android OS.

We haven't tried the hack for ourselves, but we'll accept the video as proof of concept, and the fact that the phone can dual boot to either OS at startup just adds to the appeal.

To check out the blurry video walkthrough in all its glory, and the OS in action check out the videos below.

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