Crytek CEO Bemoans Software Piracy, Claims 20:1 Ratio


In a recent interview , Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli blasted the PC industry as " the most intensely pirated market ever ." By his own estimation, Yerli believes the sales-to-piracy ratio could be as high as 1 to 20, or in other words, for every videogame legitimately sold, 20 more are illegally downloaded or copied.

Yerli also critiqued certain aspects of Crysis , saying sales were hurt by mislabeling the game's visual quality settings. " Our medium could easily compete with any high, and very high should have been ultra high as a means of futurizing ," Yerli commented. And he's probably right, given that Crysis can make even high end rigs cry for mercy when tasked with the highest quality settings and a high resolution. Because of this, Yerli wonders how many gamers have passed over the title waiting for the hardware to catch up.

Expect a less aggressive labeling scheme in Warhead , and though it might be an exercise in futility, Yerli also promises it will be harder to crack.

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