Crucial's MX100 SSD Blazes a Trail at 550MB/s, Calls It 'Mainstream Performance'



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I tried it on a SATA 2 board and got 250MBps.Which is OK for SATA 2.
However the clone process was horrific. I tried a Acronis Premium 2014 clone of a stable running Windows 8.1 update 1 drive and got error after error after the clone.
It wouldn't let me do a fresh 8 install, so I ended up doing a Win 7 install. Stll error prone, I ran chkdsk/r many times to get it stable.
You will find you have NO tools for this drive either. No Over provision adjustments, Optimization tools , smart status or temp readings.
As per Crucial "No tools are available", no firmware update tools either. In order to check firmware you need to go to their website to check on your own.
I guess you get what you pay for. I RMA'd mine and spent more for a 5 year warranted Corsair with a tool box included.
Oh, I almost forgot...As per Curcial if you find your drive slowing down over time... Unplug the SATA Data cable and turn on the computer and leave it on at least 8 hours to get it to optimize.
Here are the drives per size performance stats:

Sequential Read

550MB/s 128GB

550MB/s 256GB

550MB/s 512GB

Sequential Write

150MB/s 128GB

330MB/s 256GB

500MB/s 512GB

4KB Random Read

80K IOPS 128GB

85K IOPS 256GB

90K IOPS 512GB

4KB Random Write

40K IOPS 128GB

70K IOPS 256GB

85K IOPS 512Gb



I have a 256gb Samsung 840 Evo in my laptop and with the new software it clocks at 800 to 1100 mbps.....
This is still good news as the marketplace continues to push prices down at a rapid rate.



Now that most SATA based SSDs have hit the wall... I think it's about time we start focusing on IOPS more than transfer rates. While I think transfer rates are important, I feel like it's an abused value.



It's wrong too. Cheaper SSD's start losing that advertised speed almost immediately out of the box, though it tickles me to see a Crucial, rocking 'supposedly' great speeds with an efficient controller and low price.



You could be right, I don't know. Mine works fine, maybe not exactly as when I bought it, weeks ago. This one: ( ). Should I be expecting problems with it?



Tom's Hardware has some good articles on that as well, as far as speeds IOPS vs MBPS etc.