Crucial Touts More Headspace with Ballistix Low Profile RAM

Paul Lilly

Life is hard, play short. No, that's not Nike's new slogan, but Crucial may want to adopt it to promote its new Ballistic Low Profile (LP) memory kits. Crucial's LP modules are not only shorter than regular sized memory kits, they're also between 15 percent and 35 percent smaller than some of the LP kits its competitors are using, the company claims. Another claim Crucial makes is that its LP kits deliver the same performance benefits of regular sized Ballistix memory modules.

"Crucial Ballistix LP memory delivers all the benefits users have come to expect from Crucial high-performance memory – just in a smaller package," said Jeremy Mortensen , senior worldwide product manager, Crucial. "While other low profile offerings on the market provide some clearance, Crucial Ballistix LP memory delivers a true low profile and low power design to give users more clearance around their CPU coolers, while using less power for increased energy efficiency."

One of the main benefits of using LP RAM is that it creates more room for hulking CPU heatsinks that you might to use when overclocking your system. Smaller memory sticks also allow more air to pass through, though in most cases, it's probably a negligeable benefit.

Crucial says its Ballistix LP memory is availble in a variety of pouplar DDR3L speeds and up to 8GB in density.

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