Crucial Gizmo OverDrive


Crucial pulled out all the stops with its new Gizmo Overdrive key. This drive roars past everything but Corsair’s fastest offerings.

The Gizmo’s read speeds are more than twice as fast as OCZ's Mini-Kart and Kingston's DataTraveler , and its write speeds are 30 percent faster. This kind of performance has a price, however, as the Gizmo is twice as expensive per gig as these other two.

Aside from its ability to swallow files whole, the Gizmo includes awesome security, dubbed PortableVault. It lets you add files and folders into a 256-bit Blowfish-encrypted partition. If you like to regularly back up the data on your key (never a bad idea), PortableVault includes a handy backup utility that can also quickly restore your files in case your key gets accidentally formatted.

For portability, your options are to carry the Gizmo in your pocket, or to wear it around your neck, using the included foot-long lanyard. You cannot attach it to a key chain.

Month Reviewed: September 2006

+ BACKPACK: Fast speeds, encryption and backup software, handy lanyard.

- FANNY PACK: Twice as expensive as other keys.



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