Create Windows 8.1 Apps with Beta Preview of "Project Siena"



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Too bad I won't be able to use this, since it's on an OS I refuse to support. Yes, I agree, Windows 8 (or any version of it) is more streamlined, faster, and more reliable that 7. That's not my problem, in fact I love that it's like that. My problem is the graphical interface known as Metro. I admit I currently use rainmeter, winstep nexus, and stardock fences to customize my windows 7 install, but I really do not want to have to install a fourth piece of software to get the start menu back. MS dropped the ball on this version if Windows. They didn't listen to what consumers wanted (then again, when have they ever?). I'm not totally dissing Windows 8. I like the MS at least tried to do something new like this, but in this instance, like I said, they unfortunately dropped the ball.