Create Windows 8.1 Apps with Beta Preview of "Project Siena"

Brittany Vincent

App-making has never been simpler

If you fancy Windows 8.1 and have a deep-seated longing to develop apps for the colorful operating system, you might very well be interested in "Project Siena," a Windows 8.1 app that allows you to create your own apps for the OS. Right now users are relegated to beta status, but it looks to offer an abundance of tools for the creative Windows user.

Project Siena was built with the average user in mind, with a touch-friendly interface and an editor that doesn't even require programming knowledge. With it, anyone wishing to create an app can do so just like they might with a regular document. It's devoid of more specialized tools like you might find in Virtual Studio, but for quick creations Siena is fantastic. Your completed works can even use written and voice notes, multimedia, and more.

Siena utilizes HTML5 and Javascript to streamline app creation while still being viable and accessible to more advanced creators. If you've never dabbled in app-building before, now might be the best time to do so. Let us know if you've created anything with the tools and if it's really as easy as they say.

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