CPUBoss Creators Launch SSDBoss for Storage Shoppers

Paul Lilly

A quick and easy way to compare solid state drives.

The same people who brought you CPUBoss and GPUBoss have now launched a similar comparison website for solid state drives. SSDBoss.com is nearly identical in form and function to the other two sites, offering storage shoppers an easy way to compare the performance and value of different SSDs. You can also look up full spec comparisons of various drives, all under the hood of a single site.

"We’re confident that we’ve created a better way to compare SSDs by enabling people to easily sort through a massive amount of product specs and benchmarks, as well as see what people are saying in reviews," CPUBoss product manager Jude Fiorillo told Maximum PC in an email. "Our goal is to make it easier for people to compare SSDs head to head and see the pros and cons of each solid state drive, as well as find the best SSD by criteria (e.g. capacity per dollar or fastest read times)."

Fiorillo tells us he's seeing over a million unique visitors to his CPUBoss and GPUBoss websites since launching over the last three months. Expanding the same functionality over to SSDs was the next logical step.

Give the site a glance and let us know what you think.

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