Cox On-Video Demand Comes to TiVo

Paul Lilly

Cox Communications is getting out of its element a little bit by announcing that it will soon start offering TiVo Premier DVR boxes with access to Cox's Video On Demand service.

"We recognize that consumers are attracted to a growing range of devices that enable them to access broadband content and interactive capabilities," said Pat Esser , President of Cox Communications. "With TiVo Premiere, Cox is providing consumers even more choice. Our subscribers will not only have access to TiVo's user experience but Cox's robust Advanced TV offering including On Demand service."

According to Cox, this is the first time a cable operator has opened up its entire video on demand library to a retail DVR. As part of the agreement, Cox says it will actively promote TiVo Premier to its subscriber base, offer up support for TiVo Premiere as an optional set-top, and provide free installation of TiVo Premiere boxes purchased at Best Buy and other retail and online outlets.

Image Credit: TiVo

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