Maximum PC Staff Jun 24, 2008

Cowon D2

At A Glance

Looking for some tush

Support for all types of media, including lossless audio formats.

Push your tush

Not enough built-in memory.

Cowon provides a wealth of choice where SanDisk sets severe limits: The D2 supports not only MP3, WMA, and secure WMA, but also OGG, FLAC, and even WAV.

But if you’re planning to fill your player with losslessly encoded tracks, drop the extra $30 for the model with 4GB of flash memory. Both players include an SD slot, which renders their storage capacity virtually unlimited, but 2GB is just not enough for a large library of tracks encoded with even a lossy codec.

The D2 doesn’t have anything as unique as wireless networking, but it does offer several features the Sansa Connect does not, including video support (320x240 resolution), voice recording, a text reader, and an FM radio tuner. The D2 also features a slick touch screen, but navigating a GUI in three square inches is awkward with the included stylus and nearly impossible with your fingertips. (The stylus can also serve as a kickstand while you’re watching videos.)

The D2 is supremely versatile, it sounds fabulous, and it’s certainly priced right. Oh, what we wouldn’t give to trade its highfalutin touch screen for a simple control wheel and a couple of buttons.


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