Could We See 50 New Android Phones Next Year?

Ryan Whitwam

At the start of 2009 there were rumblings that Android was failing as a platform. Phones running the Google-backed open source platform were few and far between for the first few months. Then, in recent months, the Android handsets started dropping more frequently. There are now about a dozen different Android phones floating around. But according to CCS Insight, the flood gates could open wide next year as manufacturers ship more than 50 devices .

Based on plans already announced from vendors, CCS believes that Android usage is about to ramp up quickly. “There are so many companies that have committed to delivering devices ... so to get to 50 isn't that difficult,” said Ben Wood from CCS. Sony Ericson is set to release their Xperia X10 in the first quarter, and HTC is expected to launch five phones in the first half of 2010. CCS also expects Motorola to continue on from the Droid and release about 10 new handsets in 2010.

CCS even speculated that the cost of Android phones could drop under $200 before carrier subsidy. If you thought you had a lot of smartphone choices in 2009, just wait.

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