Could North Korean Computers Be A Sham?

Brad Chacos

"Do you have any idea how f***ing busy I am?" Kim Jong Il's puppet roared in high-pitched fury in Team America: World Police, and we here at Maximum PC sympathize. It takes a lot of work to run your dictatorship with an iron fist, especially when you're trying to do so with a stylish sense of irony. North Korea's state-run television station ran a report yesterday showing the inside of a North Korean computer factory. Delicious irony #1: North Koreans aren't allowed access to the Internet anyway, and: Delicious irony #2: North Korea might not even be manufacturing at least one of the computers.

The North Korea Tech website claims that the business notebook shown in the television report looks eerily similar to a $99 Sylvania notebook already for sale in the United States. The website theorizes that the notebook might actually come from a Chinese manufacturer and North Korea simply tweaked the device while trying to pass off the entire thing as its own. Or maybe, they muse, the North Koreans are selling laptops to Sylvania.

The computers run on North Korea's home-brewed "Red Star" Linux. Kim Jong-Il was busy drinking Hennessey and watching his extensive DVD collection and was unavailable for comment.

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