Could Google be Resurrecting GDrive?

Ryan Whitwam

Back in 2006, Google began work on an internal project codenamed Platypus. The core of the program was to provide every Gmail user with a cloud-based hard drive akin to Microsoft Skydrive or Dropbox. It was later revealed as GDrive, but it never launched. The project was quietly killed in 2008. But some new code in the Chromium project makes it seem like the service might be making an unexpected comeback .

GDrive was axed by senior Googlers for fear that it did not fit with the simple cloud-centric direction of the company. They didn’t want people storing physical files in the Google cloud, they wanted people to just use web apps. This seemed to be the final word on the topic until a ticket referencing was found in Chromium recently.

The URL appears to have been added to the high security transport protocol (HSTS) in Chromium along with Docs and other services. This leads many to believe the service is important, and not just a fragment of the past. Google isn’t talking, but cloud storage has gotten big in recent years. Could Google have changed its mind on this?

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