Cougar Takes Swipe at Building Premium Power Supplies for Gamers

Paul Lilly

New GX V3 series from Cougar boast 80 Plus Gold certification

Gamers are a demanding bunch, and if you're a PC component or peripheral maker, you better bring your A-game or risk being called out for gimmicky features. Cougar, a name you don't hear too often in the U.S., thinks its new GX V3 power supply family makes the cut . These units are being billed as high-end PSUs specifically for gamers, which starts with 80 Plus Gold level efficiency.

Cougar said it built the GX V3 series from the ground up with efficiency in mind. These PSUs employ a bunch of fancy pants features, such as RST (Rapid Switch Technology), DC to DC technology, high quality Japanese capacitors, and a CLC filter design that suppresses ripple and noise to less than 1 percent.

These are partially modular units (with flat cables) measuring a comparatively short 160mm in length. Gamers have three models to choose from -- 600w, 800w, and 1050w. Each one sports a rugged black coating and gold vent grill. All three also make use of dual +12V rails.

MSRPs for the GX V3 models are $189 (GX1050), $149 (GX800), and $109 (GX600).

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