Corsair's Obsidian Series 450D Mid Tower Focuses on Cooling Graphics Cards



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This is a non-announcement.

Anyone who knows anything about computing, and is building their own computer, and is getting a graphics card powerful enough to have concern about thermals --- those people already have been doing this very thing for a decade or more.

Many vendors have removable drive cages in that spot. Fractal Design Core 3000 has had this since they have been on the market, in a case that is less than $90.

Those that don't have this 'feature' ... people just don't put hard drives at the mid-point so that air flow is less restricted going across the graphics slot.

This reads like "Hey, we took something out, lowered our costs, and are going to make it a feature and charge you more. Lucky (stupid) consumers."



How is this supposed to be focused on cooling graphics cards? All cases are like this (front fans at the front, one rear fan on the back). And there isn't even any side ventilation, which would help greatly with graphics card cooling.



I think what Corsair is getting at is that there's no drive cage to block the upper most intake fan, giving airflow a direct, unobstructed path to the graphics card.



Paul, you can already remove the drive cages from the existing Corsair Carbide cases. It's one of the first things I did with my 500R case when I rebuilt my gaming system last year. Why is this such a big deal again? Sounds to me more like a marketing strategy to sell another new product that doesn't offer anything new. I do love Corsair products, and this case looks great regardless :)



Great, now start selling that mesh front panel for the 750D, and making optical drive bay covers that match the rest of the case and I'll be happy.