Corsair's Vengeance Gaming Headsets Won't Put You in the Poor House

Paul Lilly

There's a ton of competition in the gaming headset market, but that didn't deter Corsair from rolling out its new Vengeance line. Corsair says these headsets "reflect our desire to build the products we want to use and can't find anywhere else," and what might be most appealing to gamers are the price tags. Each one costs less than a Benjamin, and one of them doesn't even cost half that much.

Corsair's Vengeance 1100 is the least expensive at the bunch at $40 MSRP. It utilizes a behind-the-head design and includes both USB and 3.5mm analog connectors. Inside the earphones are 40mm drivers with a frequency reponse of 20Hz to 20kHz. There's also a unidirectional, nose-cancelling cardioid microphone with flexible boom.

Sitting in the middle is Corsair's Vengeance 1300 gaming headset. This one employs a circumaural, closed-back earpad design Corsair claims offers superior comfort for extended gaming sessions. Audio is provided by custom-engineered 50mm drivers and "careful acoustic tuning," and with its 3.5mm connector Corsair envisions gamers plugging it into a high-end soundcard. A noise-canceling mic is also included. MSRP is $80.

Finally, Corsair's Vengeance 1500 is a USB headset capable of 7.1 and 5.1 Dolby sound without a fancy soundcard. Otherwise, it's the same headset as the 1300. The 1500 runs a penny shy of $100.

All three headsets are available now.

Image Credit: Corsair

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