Corsairs Sets World Record for Dual Channel Memory on AMD Phenom II Platform

Paul Lilly

Don't ever let it be said that the folks at Corsair doesn't encourage overclocking. If they did, they'd be hypocrites because they've gone and set another world overclocking record, this time for the highest dual-channel memory frequency on an AMD system.

The setup consisted of an AMD Phenom II X6 Black Edition processor, Asus Crosshair IV Formula motherboard, Nvidia GeForce 6600GT, and several Corsair-branded components, including a Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler, Nova Series V64 SSD, Professional Series 850HX power supply, and 4GB (2x2GB) of Dominator GTX4 memory.

"The new Phenom II X6 CPUs offer a quantum leap in overclockability for the AMD platform," stated Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing at Corsair. "The combination of the new CPU core and Corsair's most aggressively sorted DIMMs resulted in some truly amazing memory performance."

More specifically, Corsair was able to push the RAM to 2287.6MHz at CAS 9 "after spending several hours of testing timings, sub timings, voltages, multiple processors, and various frequencies." And as for the processor? The Phenom chip was cruising along at 3717.49MHz.

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Image Credit: Corsair

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