Corsair's Rumored Obsidian Series 700D Enclosure is Real

Paul Lilly

Corsair today put to rest persistent rumors regarding its Obsidian series 700D computer case by officially announcing the enclosure, which is based on the familiar Obsidian 800D.

“From the moment we announced the Obsidian Series 800D chassis, enthusiasts were captivated by its unique combination of features, looks and performance, and the fact that it is a true builders’ chassis,” said Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing at Corsair. “Our goal with the Obsidian Series 700D is to offer a chassis that retains the essence of what made the 800D so popular, but at a lower price point, allowing a wider range of consumers to build their own Corsair Dream PC.”

To help cut costs, the four hot-swap SATA bay of the 800D has been replaced by four fixed SATA bays. Corsair also tossed the side window out the, er, window and replaced it with a solid side panel on the 700D.

Other than those two changes, the case looks to be largely the same as its bigger-numbered brother, including the same CPU backplate, tool-free drive installation, and cable management scheme.

Look for the 700D to start shipping in April. No word yet on price.

Image Credit: Corsair

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