Corsair's Quad Channel DDR3 Kit is 32GB of DRAM Ecstasy

Paul Lilly

Coming just a day after AMD bummed everyone out with its lackluster Bulldozer launch, Corsair announced what it claims is the world's first high performance quad channel 32GB kit. You know, just in case you want to err on the side of excessive when planning out your Sandy Bridge-E upgrade. The kit consists of four "rigorously-screened" 8GB memory modules sitting pretty with Corsair's trademark DHX+ heatsinks.

"The new Dominator 32GB Quad Channel memory kit is designed for high-performance PC enthusiasts using the latest motherboards, whether they're overclockers, gamers, or simply want a large amount of state-of-the-art memory," said Thi La, Vice President of Memory Products at Corsair. "Corsair is a market leader in high-performance memory, and we're pleased to be first to market with a high-performance 32GB quad channel kit."

Corsair's quad channel kit is rated to run at 1866MHz with 9-10-9-27 C9 timings and 1.5V. To make the most out of your investment, you'd ideally want to pair this kit with a quad channel system, which is where Sandy Bridge-E comes into play. However, Corsair says it's also tested the kit with current dual channel platforms.

The Dominator 32GB Quad Channel kit ( CMT32GX3M4X1866C9 ) will ship sometime this month for $999 and includes Corsair's Airflow Fan.

Image Credit; Corsair

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