Corsair's Dominator GT Series Sets New MaxxMem Benchmark Record

Paul Lilly

Corsair is no stranger to benchmarking records, and it can now add another notch to its belt. Give the assist to both "splman" (Roger Tanner) and "Mat" (Matthias Zronek), a couple of overclockers who used Corsair's Dominator GT memory with Intel's Core i7 2600K processor to set a new MaxxMem benchmarking record of 2711.5 marks.

"We've broken several records with Corsair Dominator GT memory," stated Roger Tanner and Matthias Zronek . "It's truly outstanding. The reliability and headroom are amazing."

Making the feat more impressive that is that the overclocking duo broke the record on air and water, when usually benchmarking records are achieved with exotic cooling solutions. In this case, there was a 120mm fan placed on top of the two Dominator GT memory sticks, which were overvolted from 1.65V to 1.87V and overclocked from 2250MHz to 2296MHz (CL7-7-6-21 at 1T).

The water-cooled processor, meanwhile, was goosed to 5489MHz with a 107.6MHz BCLK.

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