Corsair's 8GB Flash Padlock 2 Requires PIN Access

Paul Lilly

What do you carry on your USB stick? Plans for world domination? Love letters from your mistress? Detroit Lions fan club information and links? Whether you're prone to any of these or simply aspiring to be a secret agent man, Corsair's Flash Padlock 2 USB flash drive might be just the tool you've been looking for.

This 8GB USB key sits in the sweet spot of 'put-it-in-your-pocket' storage, but unlike most other flash drives, this one comes "very cleverly and comprehensively designed to protect your critical business or personal data from unwanted exposure." This "clever" design entails a numeric PIN pad, which you can configure with anywhere from 4-10 digits. Adding a second layer of protection, the Padlock 2 boasts 256-bit AES encryption.

But what happens if you forget your PIN? Corsair says you can reset the drive to its factory default state, securely erasing all your data in the process.

This one's available now for $55 shipped.

Image Credit: Corair via

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