Corsair Hydro H70 Liquid-Cooling System Review



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I almost got the H70... I was going to get a skyscraper style cooler for my current build with core i5 2500k.  There was much agonizing about air vs water cooling.  These little water cooling units are so simple that it became clear to me that water was a better system.  Not as knarly looking in the case as a big air cooled monster, but like previous reviews mentioned not the crazy weight on the MB either.  I ended up getting the Corsair H60.  Like i said earlier I almost got the H70 but after checking out a review that had done a side by side compairison, the H60 seems to equal or out perform the H70.  About 74 clams online, has the radiator of the H50 and the pump of the H70.   The H60 comes with just one fan pulling air through, but it is possible to add another fan for push if it seemed necessary.  just ran my new system through its paces with Prime 95 for about 30 mins.  CPU self OC'd speed at 4326 MHz (multiplier x42), temps for the CPU never got over 52 C.  runs at about 24 C at idle.  I have a Silver Stone Raven 2EW case and the radiator fit like a glove at the top exhaust fan (I mean perfect!).  The case (MaxPC rating of KA) comes with 3 180mm fans on the bottom to the case pushing cool air up to the top.  The system runs very cool. 

Max PC, thanks for the great info on everything.  you guys do a good job!

core i5 2500K, ASUS P8P67 Delux, 16 gigs gskill sniper ram, OCZ Vertex 2 SSD, 1Tb WD HD, MSI N560GTX twin frozer II OC, Corsair H60 cooler, Silverstone Raven 2EW




I'm using the stock cooler that came with my 1090T overclocked to 3.5GHZ running prime at 100% load and it's between 39-41 C.. maybe i'll just wait on the water cooling.



It doesn't weigh much so it won't put the stress on your MB that a big metal momma would, but performs similarly.  Good idea.  When they start producing these cheaply and when case companies start making all their cases with access panels under the CPU, they will be an easy upgrade/replacement.  Until then, most will have to take the MB out to mount this cooler.  That's the only drawback I see.  The lower profile than the H50 allows the thicker fan/grill combo to invade the area so I don't think this is a problem.



I totally agree...cost down and performance up is what Corsair should be thinking about.



And full of hot air. Price=performance isn't quite there yet. Going to wait until next build,and prices to come down.



I had a Noctua previously and it was a great air cooler. However, now I have the Corsair H70 cooling an overclocked i7 920 and it is less than 20 degrees C at idel and less than 50 C when using Prime 95 or any other CPU software test.



Hi all,

I have been thinking about buying the h50 or h70,not much difference between them,ones slightly bigger,needing 2 fans for the airflow process(due to the large cooling pipe within the h70)while the other has longer pipes,etc etc,

The difference in performance is only a variation of at idle 1c and at 100% 5c,lets not forget your running 2 fans to 1.

I have a coolmaster Hyper Tx3 with 2x 92mm fans doing the push pull method,the cooler cost me 29.oo and the 2 fans cost me 50.oo,all in all i spent 79.00 to drop my temp on my cpu from72-75c at 100%load(with standard intel cooler) to 39-45c at 100% load and 29-35c at idle.

Until corsair can come out with a liquid cooling system that can drop temps down to the low 20-30c then i wouldnt bother wasting my hard earned money on a product that really dosent deliver for the cost,make it cheaper and then sure we will all buy one,but to make them at the price they are they need to do better than 50 or so celsius,that being the best temps they can garantee at 100% load on the Cpu.



I don't see $30 worth of improvement over the H50.  And extra noise included!?  Don't think so.



I just finished reading your advertisement (review) article on the Corsair Hydro H70 cooler and considering what you compared it against "naturally" it would blow them away.  Here you have a "new" enclosed water cooler so why not compare it to another "new" enclosed water cooler such as the Coolit ECO C240 ALC?  They are both in the same price range and have about the same volume of cooling.  The Corsair H70 is 120mm x 120mm x 50mm and costs about $110.  The Coolit ECO C240 ALC is 240mm x 120mm x 25mm and costs about $125.  Now this would be a true Apples to Apples comparison. 



 I'm more concern about mods that may have to be made. I dont overclock .how long are the hoses ? do any type gaskets come with it? screws ? I going to assume the dimensions are the same as the H50 but what connections are on the fans molex ? what are the CPU socket limitations?  I do like the additional thickness to the radiator but I'll keep it simple and go with the H50



It's practically a dead heat between the H50 and H70. The H50 is also $30.00 cheaper. Doesn't sound too kick ass to me.



OK, MaxPC, your review standards are slipping.

At the price point of the H70 you should have benched it against the best air and other all-in-one coolers.  And bench that puppy on top of a i7 930 running 1.375 Vcore at 4.0GHz.  So, get your lazy self back to your bench machine and do it right!



use a h50 with the added fan....not bad. replaced it with a chilltech black. hi tech cooling end of story.



MPC needs to get its head out of its butt and put the Corsair H70 up against a better cooler.  The Hyper 212+ is not bad, but neither is it in the same class as the H70.

Better yet, Compare against the better Thermalright coolers.  Or even the Coolit ECO 240 if you want to do a more apples to apples comparison.

On the other end of the scale if MPC really wants to compare the the H70 against a stock setup, then get the stock Intel coolers to test with.   I sure there are more than a fwe lying aroudn the MPC Offices.

At this point the MPC review looks like sucking up to Corsair advertising dollars or some kind of joint MPC-Corsair press release with the the search keyword "review" all too conveniently attached.



i think the new Hydro H70 will be great with the new and optimized coolant flow design, improved copper CPU base,denser radiator and others...but we i'll have to wait and see whether it gets more popular than the H5o.. it think it will..what do u think?



a lot of people do not know about the cool-it's dual radiator with 4 fans?

what do you guys think?

I am not shore which one i would pick?



The CoolIT has PWN so it gets my vote!



The fairly high marks are somewhat suspect given what others have noted and the scores plainly show, is that it's a very expensive for the results it gets and it doesn't really blow out the compared CM 212, and there are even better air-cooled solutions about with single or double fans.


As another person posted, the Megahalems is currently the gold-standard for air cooling and it can (and does) trounce the H50 and H70, for less money and it -CAN'T- fail. Even should both fans fail simultaneously, it will still cool sufficiently to prevent a melt-down, just not as effectively as with both fans running... Often the case circulation alone in a well made system is sufficient to cool with the Megahalems. (Granted not for heavy overclocking, but we're not asking that of either cooler) Let's see either H50 or H70 do that when the pump dies...


I feel compelled to declare shenanigans with the scoring, particularly in the light of cost-to-benefit ratio, and the simple fact that two fans on even the comparably modest CM 212 would put it at or superior to the H70, and the Megahalems is that much superior still to both.


If you insist on a self-contained liquid cooled solution for your system, the H50 and H70 are good, but I've yet to see them do anything that air can't do as well or better with absolutely no chance of (catastrophic) failure, and costing significantly less to boot.



"If you insist on a self-contained liquid cooled solution for your system, the H50 and H70 are good, but I've yet to see them do anything that air can't do as well or better with absolutely no chance of (catastrophic) failure, and costing significantly less to boot."


Catastophic failures due to heat is a non-issue nowdays.  Every processor made post Athlon XP will shut down before damage occurs. It's been a safeguard for years. Even when OC'd once the thermal limit has been reached on the CPU the system will simply shut down.  One thing you also seem to miss is that with such a setup like this you are providing the quickest most effecient route to get that heat out of your enclosure.  With a traditional HSF setup your relying yet on another fan to try to evacuate the complete case.  This solution doesn't increase the ambiant case temp as much as a traditional HSF.




What sort of silliness is that? Ambient heat isn't what we're discussing and you know it. The self-contained water-cooling design only changes where the heat is, but the radiator by simple thermo-dynamic laws is going to wind up radiating heat inside the case regardless of where it is mounted. If it's external that's another thing, but it's not, so it isn't worth comparing. Having a air-cooled tower heatsink driving heat through a top or rear air vent with a sufficiently powerful fan is going to not only draw the radiated heat from the heatsink and its own fans, but provide case cooling too. If you knew anything about air-flow, you would know that radiators are in effect a huge blockage to air-flow, so if you're going to do it you have to do it in such a way as to preserve air-flow for the parts that still need it should they remain air-cooled.

The amount of heat generated is going to be the same regardless of which method of dispersion. The inherent advantage in a tower heatsink is that it will work passive or actively, just to a lesser degree when passive. When a pump fails, it fails along with its method of cooling through conveyance of heat through the liquid medium to another place to be cooled.


As for catastrophic failure, it most certainly can, and does, happen when overclocking to this very day, so even suggesting that they don't is preposterous. It's less common, and it's some built in "fool-proofing", but if it can be built my man it can be broken by man, and man excels at breaking things.


Please don't pretend to correct what isn't wrong, all you're doing is demonstrating what you either don't know, or willfully chose to omit.



What? I'm still at a loss how this can get a 9 when it in a dead heat (no pun intended) with the CM 212.  And I got my CM 212 for less than thirty bucks and it's the best cpu cooler I've ever had (under heavy loads my 15% overclocked Propus never gets higher than 40 C on Speedfan...)



I am curious to know how the cooler does with X58 processors OC'ed to 4 GHz.  It's been a while since I last tested my processor temps at full load with my Megahalems w/ two fans (and unfortunately I can't for a few weeks, since I am out of town), but I believe I would see temperatures go up to around 72C on one core, 75C on two cores, and 79C on the last (I think the weight of the cooler gave it better contact on some cores than others).  I hope that some other reviews will do a setup like mine so I can compare.  The Megahalems is just so big, I would like to switch it with the H70 if I can get better performance.



Do you guys just not think about the stuff you post, first the Starcraft II aging computer, then this?! Oh, Let's put what Corsair recommends for the new one, but not the old one, that's a smart idea. It's temps are no better than mine, you idiots wouldn't know apparently. Cause there's only one fan on yours.



As always, we review products in the configurations they ship in. 


Number Six

>>As always, we review products in the configurations they ship in.<<

The bottom line is this - we want to know if the thicker radiator and purportedly improved pump actually matter.  In order to do this, scientific method demands retesting the H50 with the exact same fan configuration as the H70.  This will isolate the radiator and pump and allow for meaningful comparisons.  As it is right now, the reader is left wondering if the H50 will give equal or perhaps better performance than the H70 by the simple addition of a second fan.

Please RETEST the H70 with the H50 using identical fan configurations, with the same ambient temps.  It would mean alot to everyone here.





We shouldn't expect anything less from the folks that reviewed the original TRUE 120 without a fan and said it was crap. MPC can't even put a decent test bed together.

They're trying to brag about how much hotter their "new" test bed runs with an i5. lol Wouldn’t you use an i7 1366 CPU like the 930 if you wanted heat? Maybe because their beloved 212+ and Corsair products don’t look so hot. Go someplace else if you want unbiased reviews and comparisons to decent air cooler setups.  



My Core i7 920 was hitting about 85 degrees celsius under intense prime95 testing @ 4.02 GHz with the CM Hyper 212+ in a push-pull (1.24 v). I turned it to face the top of my case recently (HAF922 with the massive 200 mm fan on top) and it's lowered the temps a few degrees... Depends on ambient temp, I've found that when I open a few windows I can hit about 79 c under load but in this intense summer heat it still gets up in the range of 82-83 c when the air is stagnant.

This doesn't bother me because realistically when I'm gaming or crunching away at some heavy operation like video conversion the cores never go above 65 c.

The i7's are a lot hotter than most processors and I would like to see MPC compare this processor + cooler to the 212, because as other posters have stated I doubt this cooler would be able to spank the 212. Especially with a price-tag that is 4x as much as I paid for the 'Master.

I think when I eventually switch to liquid it's going to be a Swiftech kit (I'd love to shell out for DangerDen but on their website they never seem to have anything in stock).

Not to mention the fan is failing on my 5850 and I have another on its way for crossfire, so I'm going to have to have some sort of cooling for my boards soon and these sealed unit coolers really limit you to just the cpu.



Would you happen to test all of them again, with 2 fans for the h50/thermalright U-120 as well? I wan't to see if theres mainly a difference from h50 w/2 fans (since this is a mod where everybody do with the h50).

Let us know! if its even worth the upgrade from h50 > h70.



Thank you.

Listen to him please?



took a 2 fan (push/pull) setup and put it up against single fan coolers. who would have thought it would win? Add a second fan to that CM 212 and I bet it spanks it. 110$ watercooler vs a $30 air cooler lol. Save yourself some serious money for something useful like a better gpu.

Come on Tom's I thought you guys were better then this? Are you going to be one of those sites ?



While I agree that the CM Hyper212+ is a better cooler when equipped with dual fans, I think expecting such an egregious difference in its favour when pitted against a water cooling heatsink is a bit preposterous.  Gases are poor conductors of heat, when held in comparison to liquids.  You can't change the laws of physics.



 [Although Corsair recommends you mount the H70’s fans as exhaust rather than intake (as with the H50).] --- I'm confused; did you mean it the other way around??? Because I think corsair recommended the H50 as an intake not exhaust, or maybe I'm just miss understanding!?

Anyhow, the H70 sounds great for people who were thinking about getting an H50, as a previous H50 user, I would recommend it to anyone looking to lower their temps. I was successful at modding the H50 with a push/pull config, using clear tygon fesser one liquid and a small reservoir which actually managed (at least for me) to lower an extra 9 degrees Celsius, using Artic Silver 5 fully cured. Unfortunately the Pump died after transporting it to a friend’s house, LOL... Oh well.





I was going to grab an H50 the next time I saw the price on one of Corsair's cases drop to help refresh my build a bit, but I might have to pony up for this instead...



So getting this!



Excellent.  Adding to my buy list.