Corsair Blitzes Budget Market with Three Affordable Carbide Cases



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I wish i could mount a 240mm Radiator on the top placement of the case. It would be a definite choice for me if this could accomodate such radiator. Oh well Corsair.



Man I understand budget but I have to think that most people still have pride of ownership in mind when it comes to cases. I know I spend more time researching the case then any other component. Bring out the v70 vengeance series Corsair in mini itx form handle and all, after all ammo cases are small not huge! Keep the same steel and look and handle just shrink the tower down or make it a shoebox, man that would be hot.
Keep it within airline carry on specs what can fit in a wheeled duffel bag. That is how I bought my node 304, just wheeled it onto the airplane and through security. Do that and I will make it my next case and so will an army of others!



Side intake fans aren't essential to gamers? :(



That's a good idea, Jeff. I will have to do that on mine sometime!



"Entry level cases are usually antiquated, old designs. Some still have room for floppy drives,"

That's not a bad thing. I would rather pull the hard drive cage out of my cases (for better ventilation and air flow) and place my SSDs in a 3.5" adapter in the floppy drive spot.