Corsair Announces Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers



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I want a keyboard, not a light show.... that sh!t is just way too distracting.



This is not the first mechanical keyboard they have made

190$? That price is just freaking STUPID, they can keep their fking mechanical keys for that MFing price.

I typed on one of these that a friend had at an event and it was nice
but the button depression was just way way to loose i need a little more click in my keys. Enjoying the he hell out of my Mazer Type-X while typing this btw.

Also my old Cyborg keyboard had the exact same WASD up,down,left,right specific illumination but i think they stopped making those or something. Millions of colors is cool but not that cool. I only like blue. mor color isnt going to help competitive gaming. Also now the G keys are gone again. Im sure they will just release the same damn thing again but with the G keys at an even more retarded price point.

Why the hell do I need programmable function on something with no special shift keys? I can reset to DVORAK just by using Windows

//Serious points tho



AM I the ONLY person that wants a Natural Keyboard like this?

Ergonomic like the Microsoft natural?


The Mac

no, i just want it with a nice vga screen....

this + g19 = perfect.


The Mac

One step closer to the perfect keyboard.

final step: VGA screen.

These switches would be perfect on a g-19