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Aug 28, 2012

Corsair Vengeance K60 Gaming Keyboard

At A Glance


Feels great; cool design; easy to keep clean.


Not all keys are mechanical; no software support.

A straightforward, rock-solid keyboard for FPS gamers

CORSAIR IS aiming at the very top of the gaming keyboard market with its Vengeance line—two boards with exquisite build quality and luxury price tags. The FPS-oriented K60 may be the cheaper of the two, but it still comes in at more than $100 MSRP, and will never be accused of feeling cheap.

In fact, the primary draw of the K60 is its elegant, simple design. The keyboard’s thin, heavy foundation has a brushed-aluminum face, and houses the mechanical Cherry MX Red switches in a unique non-recessed configuration that leaves no place for dust and crumbs to collect. The nicely spaced keycaps are rugged-feeling with a very light texture. We prefer the clicky Cherry MX Blue switches for typing, but the smooth Reds only require a light touch and provide an excellent, highly responsive gaming experience. Interestingly, Corsair seems to have opted to save money by using membrane switches for the function and navigation keys, giving the keys a non-uniform feel.

Aside from the build quality, the K60 is light on features. It includes a small selection of important media keys, including a nice metal volume wheel, and a much-appreciated Windows key lock switch that prevents you from accidentally minimizing your game. They keyboard’s biggest gimmick is that it includes an alternative set of keys for the WASD and 123456 keys, with a bright red textured-rubber finish. These alternate keys do make it very hard to misplace your hand in the midst of a game, but we found them rather uncomfortable for typing, so we didn’t keep them on for long. The spare keys (as well as the key-removal tool) are stored in a compartment inside the K60’s detachable wrist-rest.

The simplicity of the keyboard extends to the operating system—it requires no drivers and has no customization software. Most other keyboards in this price range offer some amount of customizable bindings or hotkeys, but it’s hard to hold their absence against the K60. This is a keyboard that’s clearly all about the fundamentals: clean design, quality materials, and responsive gaming.


Corsair Vengeance K60 Gaming Keyboard

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