Corsair Teases 32GB Memory Possibilities with New 8GB DDR3 Modules

Paul Lilly

Whether or not you think it's practical to outfit a system with 32GB of memory, Corsair is at least making the prospect possible by adding 8GB DDR3 modules to its Vengeance and Value Select memory lines. Slap four of these sticks into your dual-channel setup and you'll be sitting pretty with more RAM than most people know what to do with.

The Vengeance stick is clocked at 1600MHz with 10-10-10-27 latency settings. Corsair says it selects only "rigorously-screened DRAM" for its Vengeance modules to ensure both high performance and flexible overclockability. A 32GB system using these modules won't come cheap, however, as street pricing hovers at about $270 per 8GB stick.

Corsair's 8GB Value Select modules are in SODIMM form (notebooks) and are clocked at 1333MHz with 9-9-9-24 latencies. These too are screened, though for "reliable operation," Corsair says.

"Many laptop PCs are equipped with only two memory slots, which has traditionally limited them to just 8GB of memory. Value Select 8GB DDR3 memory modules allow notebook upgrades to 16GB, and give them the power to smoothly run multiple applications and open several large files at once," Corsair said in a statement.

That's a bit more practical, though still pricey with street prices walking the line at around $250 per stick.

Image Credit: Corsair

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