Corsair Sets PCMark Vantage World Record Using Eleven SSDs

Paul Lilly

When this week began, Xtremesystems forum member SteveRo held the PCMark Vantage world record with a score of 30,359,. Now SteveRo sits in second place, having conceded the top spot to Corsair Labs with a record-breaking score of 32,947.

"To demonstrate just how fast our products are, we decided to go after the PCMark Vantage world record," Corsair said. "This benchmark heavily stresses the entire system, not just he CPU and GPU like the 3DMark Series. With PCMark Vantage the memory and SSDs are stressed just as much if not more than the CPU and GPU, with almost all of the individual benchmark tests taking advantage of the fast solid-state drives."

SSD performance proved key in Corsair's successful attempt at taking the performance crown. Corsair's record-breaking system included eleven Force Series F200 SSDs along with Corsair Dominator GTX2 DDR memory. Overclocking also played a heavy role, with Corsair using liquid nitrogen to cool an Intel Core i7 980X processor and pushing the frequency up to a blistering 5.79GHz.

Image Credit: Corsair

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