Corsair Rolls Out The Quiet 8GB SE Arctic White Vengeance Low Profile Memory

Brad Chacos

Corsair's Vengeance LP line of DDR3 memory was made for big builds (with big cooling systems) stuffed into little cases; these low-profile kits clock in at an itty-bitty 1.03 inches, nearly half the height of most of the other memory out there. The newly available Corsair Special Edition Arctic White Vengeance Low Profile memory targets a couple other niches, too. It's still short, but the Low Profile White also runs at a scant 1.35V that Corsair claims makes it perfect for whisper-quiet PCs or builds suffering from low voltage constraints.

Want specs? We got specs. The 8GB kit consists of two "rigorously-screened 4GB DDR3 DRAM modules, guaranteed to operate at 1600MHz with a tested latency of 9-9-9-24," according to the company's press release . You can buy it now on Corsair's website .

To coincide with the launch of the memory kit, the company posted an article on its blog in which they whipped together a whisper-quiet custom PC using – you guessed it – the  Corsair Special Edition Arctic White Vengeance Low Profile memory, along with a host of other parts (for, you know, everything else). Check it out for an interesting read.

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