Corsair Link Kits Give You Total Control of PC Cooling and Lighting

Paul Lilly

Corsair used the Computex convention in Taiwan to introduce its 'Corsair Link' technology, which is a "modular hardware and software system that provides comprehensive monitoring and control of PC cooling and lighting." Towards that end, Corsair also unveiled its Link Cooling Kit and Link Cooling and Lighting Kit, a couple of products that can best be described as highfalutin fan/light controllers that go above and beyond other fan controllers.

The whole Link system starts with the 'Corsair Link Commander.' As pictured, this is an aluminum housing designed to slide into any available 3.5-inch drive bay. It connects to your PC via USB and provides eight Corsair Link Digital terminals and one analog Link terminal for non-digital sensors and nodes.

You can plug Corsair's Link Cooling Node and/or Lighting Node to digital terminals on the Commander. The Cooling Node provides five fan control terminals, four sensor terminals, and three temperature sensors. The Lighting Node provides two lighting channels, each one capable of controlling up to 33 LED strips.

On the software side, there's the Corsair Link Dashboard, a Windows app that gives at-a-glance parametric monitoring and control options. From within the app, you can setup automatic cooling and lighting schemes, or change everything on a whim.

"Corsair Link is a complete ecosystem of kits and components that will bring a new level of cooling and lighting customization to the PC enthusiast market." said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager for Components at Corsair. "Fan and lighting control has traditionally required manual adjustments, and that’s the problem we’re solving. The Corsair Link Dashboard software offers complete on-the-spot or automatic control, and it’s fun to use."

The Corsair Link Cooling Kit will ship in July for $99 and includes the Link Commander and one Link Cooling Node; the Link Cooling and Lighting kit will run $139 and include everything in the Cooling Kit plus a Link Lighting Node and three LED light strips.

Image Credit: Corsair

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