Corsair Launches Enthusiast Series PSUs with Modular Cables

Paul Lilly

Can you remember the last time you utilized every single cable on your power supply? For most, it's probably been awhile, which is why modular power supplies are so popular, even if you don't suffer from OCD. If you've been eyeing up Corsair's Enthusiast Series PSUs and wishing they too came with modular cables, today's your lucky day.

The 'Enthusiast Series Modular' line shares the same internal componentry as the fixed cable Enthusiast TX V2, only with a complete set of flat detachable cables to help tidy up your rig. The new line is 80 Plus Bronze certified, delivering at least 85 percent efficiency at 50 percent load, and sports a 140mm double ball-bearing fan Corsair claims is ultra-quiet.

There are four new models in all, including:

  • TX550M (550W), $109
  • TX650M (650W), $129
  • TX750M (750W), $149
  • TX850M (850W), $169

Look for all four SKUs to ship by the end of the end of the month.

Image Credit: Corsair

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