Corsair Launches Cooling Ice Series T30 Ambient Memory Cooler

Paul Lilly

Whether you're chasing a world overclocking record or ever thought to yourself, "Self, if only I could get this RAM to sub-ambient temp levels, I think it'd really shine," Corsair's Cooling Ice Series T30 apparatus might be just what you've been waiting for.

Designed specifically for both Corsair's Dominator and Dominator GT modules, the T30 is a thermo-electric cooling (TEC) unit that hooks up to your existing water-cooling setup. Water block, humidity sensors, and control circuitry are all included, just bring your own 3/8-inch tubng. Once installed, Corsair claims the T30 will cool your modules up to 20C degrees below ambient temperature, which, according to the company's own testing, was enough to increase memory frequency overclocking by up to 100MHz over standard cooling.

If street pricing holds true to the MSRP, that extra 100MHz will run you $199. No word yet on availability.

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