Corsair Issues Security Update for Flash Padlock 2 USB Drive

Paul Lilly

Corsair on Monday announced it had discovered a security issue affecting its Flash Padlock 2 USB thumb drive that could expose your data. If you own one of these drives, Corsair says you can correct the issue by following these steps (be sure to back up your data first):

  1. Drive must be in a LOCKED state. If the drive is plugged into a system, remove it.
  2. Press and hold the KEY button and the 0/1 button down, simultaneously, for five or more seconds.
  3. Release the KEY and 0/1 buttons. Note that at this stage your password MAY have been erased, but data will still exist on the drive.
  4. Wait until any LEDs are no longer illuminated or blinking.
  5. Press and hold the KEY button for three seconds. Both red and green LEDs will illuminate.
  6. Enter a new PIN using the PIN keys. A user PIN may be 4 to 10 digits long; for security, Corsair recommends 6 digits or more.
  7. Press and release the KEY button. Both red and green LEDs will blink in unison.
  8. Re-enter your PIN to confirm.
  9. Press and release the KEY button. Green LED will flash, indicating your PIN has been accepted.
  10. Your drive is now secure.

Corsair didn't say exactly why all this is necessary or whether the issue affects only certain batches of Flash Padlock 2 drives, or all of them.

Image Credit: Corsair

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